Best Lilly Pilly for Small Gardens, Fencelines, and Court-yards

Best Lilly Pilly for Small Gardens, Fencelines, and Court-yards


Are you looking for the perfect lilly pilly to fit into your compact garden or along your fenceline without taking up too much space? In this article, we’ll discuss the most suitable lilly pilly variety for most smaller spaces.

 Understanding Lilly Pilly Varieties

There are countless lilly pillies on the market. Some will grow to be giants, like the massive Sweeper® Waterhousea floribunda ‘DOW20’ PBR . Others flower vigorously, but barely produce any berries which makes a lot less mess, like Sublime™ Acmena smithii ‘DOW30’ PBR .

In fact, there are two or three genera that all get lumped into the “lilly pilly basket” – Syzygium, Acmena (reclassified into Syzygium) and Waterhousea, and each variety within each species have their own unique quirks.

But you came to this article searching for a lilly pilly to suit smaller spaces, so without further ado, let’s discuss Straight and Narrow Syzyium.

Introducing Straight and Narrow lilly pilly.

lilly pilly

Straight and Narrow™ Syzygium australe ‘SAN01PBR Intended: The Perfect Choice for Small Spaces

Why Straight and Narrow Syzygium?

Straight and Narrow™ lilly pilly stands out for a small space with its columnar growth habit. It’s the perfect lilly pilly tree or hedge for small spaces like courtyards, small gardens and along fencelines.

Size and Shape

  • Slender and Compact: Straight and Narrow™ Syzygium is a very slender, semi-compact, and dense plant, making it ideal for tight spaces like courtyard gardens or along fencelines.
  • Height and Width: It typically grows to a size of 5-8m high x 1-1.5m wide, but can be pruned down to 2m, allowing for flexibility in managing its size to suit confined areas.

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Attractive Leaves: The plant features tight and attractive leaves that contribute to a visually appealing landscape in limited spaces.
  • Flowers and Fruits: Produces white flowers that transition to beautiful pink/red fruit, adding colour and interest to your garden.

Versatility and Usage

  • Growth Rate: With a planting density of 1 plant per m² or 1-1.5 plants per linear metre, this plant grows quite quickly upward, rather than outward. By planting specimens closely together, you will have a quick-growing screen.
  • Topiary and Screening: Suitable for topiary due to its slender form and works well as a screen or hedge plant for creating privacy along fencelines without sacrificing horizontal space.
  • Feature: Instead of screening, this plant can be used as a single feature within a garden. Because it grows narrow and tall, you can use it as a feature tree in a small courtyard.

Its columnar shape provides the perfect growth habit for fenceline hedges.

lilly pilly australia

Maintenance and Care

  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance once established, making it a convenient choice for busy gardeners.
  • Pruning: Prune twice yearly for a neat hedge or every 2-3 years for a more natural-looking screen plant, providing options for different landscaping styles.
  • Psyllid Resistant: Natural resistance to psyllids reduces the likelihood of pest problems, promoting a healthier plant environment.


  • Sun and Soil: Thrives in full sun to shade, offering versatility in planting locations within small areas. Just make sure it gets at least 5 or 6 hours of sunlight per day.
  • Soil Tolerance: Well-suited to moist, well-drained soil types, and can tolerate colder and drier conditions, accommodating various environmental settings.

Regional Suitability

  • Climate Tolerance: Suitable for QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, and ACT (if protected from frosts), showing a wide tolerance to different Australian environments.

Learn more about this plant here:

Get creative with different pruning styles, like these topiary spirals which compliment Straight and Narrow Syzygium’s columnar growth habit perfectly.

best lillly pilly plant


Straight and Narrow™ lilly pilly emerges as the premier choice for small gardens, fencelines, and courtyards, offering unparalleled versatility and visual appeal. Embrace this adaptable and visually enchanting plant to elevate your landscaping endeavors.

If you like the look of this variety but want something slightly larger, you can look into Pinnacle™ Syzygium australe ‘AATS’ PBR. (

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