Best Westringias for Green Walls

Are you looking to create a vibrant green wall with resilient and striking plants? If so, westringias could be the perfect choice for you. These Australian natives have risen in popularity due to their hardiness, beauty, and adaptability, making some cultivars excellent choices for green walls. This article will delve into the world of westringias, exploring their characteristics and suitability for green walls, and providing an overview of three outstanding varieties.

What are Westringias?

Westringias, commonly known as “native rosemary”, are a group of evergreen shrubs native to Australia. Their distinctive whorled leaves and delicate white or blue flowers make them a captivating addition to any garden. Their resilience and adaptability have led to their widespread use in various landscapes, including green walls.

Some westringia varieties thrive in a range of soil conditions and withstand harsh weather, making them ideal for outdoor vertical gardens. Their dense growth habit also provides excellent coverage, creating a lush, green backdrop with periodic flowering.

Conditions for Green Walls

When selecting plants for green walls, several key factors should be considered. Tolerance to wet feet is crucial as green walls often have high moisture levels. Westringias handle these conditions well, thanks to their native habitat often being in coastal areas where soil can be sandy and fast-draining.

Dry or low irrigation tolerance is another important factor, especially for green walls without reticulated irrigation or in dry climates. Westringias are known for their drought tolerance, but will perform better with the right amount of water.

Sunlight is also a critical consideration. Most westringias prefer full sun but can tolerate light shade, offering flexibility in placement on your green wall.

Lastly, consider the climatic conditions of your area. Westringias are hardy plants that can often withstand a range of climates, including coastal conditions and frost, making them suitable for various regions.

Best Westringias for Green Walls

Grey Box™ Westringia fruticosa ‘WES04’ PBR

Grey Box™ Westringia is a compact plant that offers great colour contrast with its grey foliage and white flowers, which bloom from September to May. This plant is ideal for green walls due to its adaptable nature.

It thrives in full sun to light shade and suits most soil types. Importantly for a green wall, it tolerates frost and drought. This robust nature means that once established, it requires little care beyond watering and occasional slow-release fertiliser application.

This plant has performed well in areas with extreme flooding, as well as extended drought periods.

Grey Box™ Westringia is suitable for use in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA & WA.

Grey Box Westringia in full sun on a north-facing wall, tolerating extreme heat, wet and dry that killed many other plants.

Westringia plants

Mundi™ Westringia fruticosa ‘WES05’ PBR

Mundi™ Westringia is a beautiful ground cover shrub that stands out with its masses of white flowers. It’s an excellent option for green walls with a spreading nature which provides a lush tapestry of fine green foliage and white flowers..

Like Grey Box™ Westringia, Mundi™ Westringia is hardy and adaptable. It requires minimal water once established and can tolerate frost and coastal conditions. It suits free-draining to heavy and even periodically flooded substrates.

Mundi™ Westringia is suitable for use in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA & WA.

Mundi Westringia looks great in this mix of tough green wall plants. Clockwise from top right: Flirt™, Tanika®, Mundi™, Blush™, Shara™, Little Ruby™, Isabella®, Pink Pearl™. Middle right: Silverlawn™.



These westringias are fantastic options for green walls due to their adaptability, hardiness, and aesthetic appeal. Their ability to thrive in various conditions and provide year-round beauty makes them a beneficial addition to any vertical garden. Whether you’re an experienced home gardener, a landscape architect, or a professional landscape expert, consider adding westringias to your green wall plant palette for a touch of Australian native charm.

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